La Isla de las Munecas – The Island of the Dolls


South of Mexico City, between the canals of Xochimico you can find a small island, which is called “La Isla de la Munecas” or “The Island of the Dolls“. It sure is creepy and very scary in the beginning, but it has a story behind it. About fifty years ago, Don Julian Santana left his wife and kids to stay alone in this small island.

Santana, found a dead body of a young girl that has drowned on the isolated island. He also found the drowned girl’s doll in the water with her, and hung it on a tree to show his respect. Gradually he became obsessed with hanging more and more dolls, believing that each one was possessed by the spirit of dead girls. Most of the dolls he found in labyrinthine canals around him, or in the trash. He didn’t bother to clean or fix them up and hung them as he found them. Slowly he has a wide variety of creation, covering the entire small island. The creepiest part of the story is that Don Julian Santana was found dead, floating in the canal in the very spot he claimed to have found the girl.

He also charged a nominal fee to visitors and took them around the island. Have a look at his creepy island.

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