Life out of Leaves: Intricate Leaf art by Lorenzo M. Durán


Lorenzo Manuel Durán Silva better known as Lorenzo M. Durán creates an intricate piece of art on Leaves collected from his garden and parks, then washed, dried and presses the foliage before sketching out complicated patterns that he can apply to each one. Using scalpel and his creative skills Lorenzo creates amazing figurative and geometric designs on the leaves, the process being lot similar to the age old Chinese paper cutting and Mexican picado art but here it involves leaving in place of paper.

Lorenzo M. Durán inspiration is a caterpillar, carefully observing the caterpillar eating behavior and unique pattern’s that it creates on leaves while eating the chunks inspired him in developing this form of art. Although initially, the process involved a lot of trial and error ‘s till he attained mastery in this form of art.

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  Lorenzo M. Durán leaf art designs (5)Lorenzo M. Durán leaf art designs (1)Lorenzo M. Durán leaf art designs (3)Lorenzo M. Durán leaf art designs (2)