Humorous Paper Cutouts by British Artist Rich Mccor


It looks like a simple technique. Click a travel photograph add a cutout and create something humorous. Well it’s not that easy. 28 years old British artist and photographer Rich Mccor is excellent in creating humorous and adorable travel photography.

Rich Mccor, has developed a unique style of creativity, by cutting paper cutouts and adding it to known landmarks across European and other countries into humorous and spectacular photographs. His unique style is so popular that he quotes “I went from 5,000 followers on Instagram to about 60,000 in a week”. Rich McCor uses cardstock and a scalpel-like knife to create his cutouts. He says that at times, it’s easy to develop an idea and at times, he has to ponder for a while to get a creative idea. He further says that “My ambition is to do something for the Olympics in 2016 [in Rio de Janeiro]. That would be fantastic.” Let’s hope he give us some fantastic adorable photographs in the coming number of days. His Instagram handler is “@paperboyo“.

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