Artist Will Kurtz transforms used Newspaper to life like Sculptures


American artist Will Kurtz transforms old and used newspapers to amazing life like sculptures. He has received his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Michigan State University in 1981.

Will Kurtz, started his career as a landscape artist for around 25 years. He quotes “I remember driving to an alabaster quarry and loading up my van with huge chunks of stone and then carving them into torsos, selling them at local art fairs.” At the age of 50 he felt the need to be a full time artist and moved to New York City. Before using old newspapers, he tried different materials. He quotes “I tried carving stone and wood, sculpting with plaster, with clay, making moulds and carving styrofoam.”

His artwork is amazing. He has different categories for e.g. “Multi Figure”, “Single Figure”, “Wall Reliefs” “Dogs and Cats”, “Other Animals” & “Objects”. He gets his inspiration by walking in New York city and taking candid photos of people. He usually selects people who create a emotional response with him. After taking photos, he makes a wood and wire armature that has the whole feeling of the piece, but is only a stick figure. Will Kurtz, then builds up the figure with newspaper and tape. For the human figures he makes them naked and then make the clothes out of newspaper. He quotes “I like the purity and honesty of only using newspaper.” You can check more of his artwork Here.

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