Walking dead Zombie Teddies by Phillip Blackman from UndeadTed


Love requires expression and he best way to express your love is to gift your partner a lovely present which could convey your emotions beautifully. Since long on valentine day rose bouquet’s, chocolate’s and a soft, cuddly teddy bear are considered to be a perfect gift. Teddy bears have long been associated as one of the easiest gifting ideas which for sure going to woo your love. Cool, cute, vibrant, soothing and scented gifts are considered best gifting ideas.

They’re a shop online which thinks different, British artist Phillip Blackman from Suffolk countryside sells an entirely different set of teddy bears on his online shop UndeadTed, they are not cute, not cuddly but rather spooky, gross and scary. Even though these teddies look bizarre, but they sell out in numbers and have more buyers than for the normal Teddy.

It was just an experiment with his old teddy bears, which he wanted to give to a charity shop, it’s then when he decided to transform them into something different, being a die hard fan of film director George A Romero, creator of zombie film Night of the Living Dead, and with training in theatrical and special effects make-up, he decided to use the same techniques on teddies.The bones, teeth and other organs are individually hand-sculpted from polymer clay or latex, the bear’s carcass is then opened, scooped out as necessary and the bones glued in place. Phillip Blackman then paints the bears and adds a wet-look varnish to blood and bones for extra realism.

He say’s: ‘Each UndeadTed takes in excess of eight hours to make, not including the time it takes to glue, paint and varnish to dry, and I price them individually depending on size, complexity, materials used and time taken

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UndeadTeds-Horrifically-cute-teddy-bears-hand-zombified-stuffed-toys (6)UndeadTeds-Horrifically-cute-teddy-bears-hand-zombified-stuffed-toys (3)UndeadTeds-Horrifically-cute-teddy-bears-hand-zombified-stuffed-toys (4)UndeadTeds-Horrifically-cute-teddy-bears-hand-zombified-stuffed-toys (5)UndeadTeds-Horrifically-cute-teddy-bears-hand-zombified-stuffed-toys (7)