Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s perfect warm hug totally messed up


When it come’s to trolling, Photoshop is considered as the best medium. Making a normal picture abnormal is what the current generation of Photoshopper who aim at trolling are doing, which is totally opposite of what Photoshop was meant for. Giving a new witty, sarcastic meaning to the trending pictures makes it at the top of the trending list.

These edited images make you laugh out loud till you rip your rear off. This is what the current pictures that are making a round on the internet are doing. The images are of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton hug, After Barack Obama hugged Hillary Clinton following his speech at the Democratic National Convention recently, the photoshopper’s all around the globe started off publishing their own version of the HUG moment turning at a perfect warm hug to the most embarrassing moments for the two.

All we can say is that these images are surely gonna cause a red face amongst Obama and Hillary fans.

Democratic National Convention barack-obama-hillary-clinton-hug-photoshop-troll (8)

House on firebarack-obama-hillary-clinton-hug-photoshop-troll (7)

Somebody’s watching.barack-obama-hillary-clinton-hug-photoshop-troll (2)

Let the World go to Hell.barack-obama-hillary-clinton-hug-photoshop-troll (4)

Brotherhood.barack-obama-hillary-clinton-hug-photoshop-troll (6)