“But You Didn’t” a beautiful illustrated poem by a Chinese Netizen 肥啾榭


Here is a cute illustration of a poem telling us a story of an unknown woman whose husband has gone to war in Vietnam. The poem tells a tale about a young girl and her boyfriend how would spend time together. No matter whatever the girl does to upset the boy, he always responds with his love and kindness.

The name of the poem is “But You Didn’t” poem translated and illustrated by a Chinese Netizen (net-citizen). Illustrations show humor and sadness that will melt anyone who reads it. Here are the pictures of the entire poem illustrated and dubbed by  肥啾榭 (‘Fat chirp pavilion’ a rough translation in google translate)

The author of the poem was an ordinary
American woman, whose husband was
drafted into the army and went to the
battlefields of Vietnam when their daughter
was four years old. From that point on,

she and her daughter only had each other.

Later, her husband unfortunately died on
the battlefields. She was widowed, until
she died of old age.”