Heart BREAKING images of Abandoned Pets by Havas Worldwide Geneva


Have you ever looked into the eyes of an animal, if you look carefully you won’t see an animal. You‘ll see a living being. And if you have compassion towards them, they you will see a friend. You will feel a soul.Owning a pet is the best thing that can happen to us.They make our lives worth living. They got more love and compassion in them than most of the humans.

On the other hand, we as humans are selfish, greedy and cold-hearted beings, This is what “BREAKING”, a campaign by Havas Worldwide Geneva is one of the global communications agency Havas group in Switzerland. Through a series of prints, three subjects show moments of life during which animals are too often forgotten and set aside. Based on facts, three common situations of abandonment, this sleek and attractive campaign shows that animals do not always part of the project. When the family grows, when moving or death, abandonment is not always deliberate. Fortunately, the Geneva SPA is there to welcome them and give them another chance.

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“They are not always part of the plan”

havas-world-wide-BREAKING-campaign-pet-dog-cats-abandon-animals-forgotten-images (1)

“They are not always included in the will”

havas-world-wide-BREAKING-campaign-pet-dog-cats-abandon-animals-forgotten-images (3)

“They are not always part of the journey”

havas-world-wide-BREAKING-campaign-pet-dog-cats-abandon-animals-forgotten-images (2)