18 year old Syrian refugee who swam across the World to participate in Rio Olympics 2016


18 yr old Syrian swimmer Yusra Mardini is one of the member of the chosen Refugee Olympic Team, which was allowed to compete in currently, held Rio Olympics 2016 being held at Brazil by International Olympic Council in context of the current Syria refugee crisis. Although she won her Rio butterfly heat, but her efforts and dedication towards the sports couldn’t get her to progress to the next level with her time of 1:09:21. We won’t be able to see more of her in the Olympics, but her journey to Rio has been a really inspiring one.

Yusra is the 1st athlete representing the refugee Olympic team. Her journey to Rio has not been so smooth, with her house in Syria being completely destroyed in the Syrian civil war and threat of life forced Yusra Mardini and her sister Sarah to flee Syria. Every day waking up with a fear of being targeted by bullets and bombs that could arrive from any direction. Those Living in such a constant fear made Yusra to leave Syria, they reached Lebanon and from there they headed towards Turkey, where they were smuggled by boat to Greece in a small boat with a capacity of 6-7 people but was overloaded with 18 refugees. The boat motor could no longer take the pressure, hence stopped working. It was Yusra and her sister brave and life threatening decision to push the boat for nearly 3 hours till they reached Lesbos offshore thus saving lives of many. On reaching Lesbos they traveled all the way to Europe to Germany and settled in Berlin, where they been residing till date. Later their parents joined them their.

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Yusra-Mardini-rio-olympics-sports-swimming-syrian-refugee-crisis-images (4)Ysra Mardini (age 17), during a training session at the swimming club Wasserfreunde Spandau 04. Sarah (age 20) and Ysra Mardini (age 17), Syrian sisters from Damascus, swam from Turkey to the Greek island of Lesbos for seeking asylum. ; The Mardini sisters left Syria in August, 2015, because they had given up the hope that the war will end soon. They travelled to Lebanon, then to Turkey and paid smugglers to take them to Greece. But the Turkish coastguard drove their boat back. At second time the small boat was totally overloaded with people. After half an hour the engine failed. So, the sisters and three other refugees jumped into the water to push the boat forward. Three hours later they all reached Lesbos. Finally Sarah and Ysra made it to reach Austria and then Germany.  Both are excellent swimmers. Ysra, the younger one, has represented Syria at the world championships in Turkey in 2012. Before their flight Sarah worked as a lifeguard in a swimming pool in Syria. After arriving the sisters came in touch with Wasserfreunde Spandau 04, a swimming club near to their refugee shelter. Now, both girls training on a daily basis.Yusra-Mardini-rio-olympics-sports-swimming-syrian-refugee-crisis-images (3)Yusra-Mardini-rio-olympics-sports-swimming-syrian-refugee-crisis-images (1)Yusra-Mardini-rio-olympics-sports-swimming-syrian-refugee-crisis-images (5)