Astounding Celebrity Homes Around The World.


6. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift bought this Rhode Island mansion for $17.7m. You will be shocked! She paid for it in cash! This house was built in 1930 and it sits on five acres only sixty-five feet above the water. It includes a large swimming pool, five acres of garden and that’s not to mention being right beside the sea.

Taylor Swift139


7. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah has bought an $85 million mansion situated in Montecito, California. It’s over 23,000 square feet plus the guest house. Of course, Oprah made her own changes in the design to represent her personality.

Oprah Winfrey15


8. Rihanna

Eccentric Rihanna owns and rents a few spiffy mansions. They are in LA, Aspen and of course in Barbados, where she has been born and raised. This house is located on One Sandy Lane and costs $21.8 million.



9. Adele

Adele’s countryside mansion costs £6million. She likes to share this West Sussex love nest with her boyfriend Simon Konecki. We have no doubt that it is a great pleasure, because this comfortable mansion has ten bedrooms, two swimming pools and a tennis court.



10. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton likes houses in Tuscan-style. In 2006, she bought this home in Hollywood Hills for $3.1million. Paris spent a lot of money developing the interior and improving the exclusive design of the house.

Paris Hilton219