Rio Olympics 2016: Hottest Olympic Hunks


Who said sports is only about hard-work, commitment, dreams, pride, success and honor, with the ongoing Rio Olympics 2016 where every day new records being created and old records broken we present you the top 10 hottest Olympic hunks who have got every eyebrow raised with their presence in the league.

These handsome dudes from different parts of the world have become an instant internet sensation, with million and billions of crazy fans dying to grab a glimpse of them.

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Pita Nikolas Taufatofua (AUSTRALIA), Tongan Taekwondo.  Born :1983

Pita-Taufatofua-rio-olympics-athlete-men-hot-handsome-images (2)Pita-Taufatofua-rio-olympics-athlete-men-hot-handsome-images (1)Pita-Taufatofua-rio-olympics-athlete-men-hot-handsome-images (3)

Ning Zetao (CHINA), 100-meter freestyle Swimmer, Born:1993

ning-zetao-rio-olympics-athlete-men-hot-handsome-images (1)ning-zetao-rio-olympics-athlete-men-hot-handsome-images (3)ning-zetao-rio-olympics-athlete-men-hot-handsome-images (2)