Kanye West got WASTED by IKEA


Kanye Omari West popularly knows as Kanye West, who has now more top 40 hits in billboard charts than the late legendary pop icon Michael Jackson. Kanye has always been on limelight may be for hit songs “Through the wire, “Jesus walks”, “Gold digger”, “Hey mama” to hit music albums like the “College dropout”, “Yeezus”, “The life of Pablo”, his personal and professional life, for bootylicious celebrity wife Kim Kardashian, his recent tiff with Taylor Swift, latest would be getting trolled by IKEA.

It all began when Kanye West aspiration reached to the newest level. Back in March Kanye West expressed his desire to work with IKEA and was seen touring Ikea headquarters in Älmhult, Sweden. Ikea didn’t pay any heed to constant efforts by Kanye to fruit the potential collaboration. But off recently Ikea responded to the Kanye’s request, but it was far more from being an acceptance. What followed was landslides of Troll pouring in.

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 Kanye-West-Ikea-yeezy-funny-fake-products-troll-images (10)

IKEA’s reply…..

Kanye-West-Ikea-yeezy-funny-fake-products-troll-images (4)

Kanye-West-Ikea-yeezy-funny-fake-products-troll-images (1)Kanye-West-Ikea-yeezy-funny-fake-products-troll-images (3)Kanye-West-Ikea-yeezy-funny-fake-products-troll-images (2)