Diet that won Michael Phelps 22 GOLD MEDALS in OLYMPICS


Michael Fred Phelps nicknamed as “The Baltimore Bullet” “Flying Fish” has created history yet again by becoming the Highly decorated Olympian of all times, with total 22 gold medals under his belt and numerous world records. In current Rio Olympics 2016 till now he has won 4 gold medals.

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The glory which he has achieved is not only due to his hard-work, persistence and dedication but also it has lot to do with his mental agility and physical fitness, To be in such a he need’s to follow a strict diet and exercise regime .

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Michael Phelps‘ diet is the stuff of legend. Phelps says he doesn’t eat the crazy amount that he reportedly did as a 23-year-old before the 2008 Beijing Olympics. But even though the swimmer now claims “I don’t eat many calories a day,” he’s still almost certainly downing an amount of food that would have most of the rest of us running to the store for new pants..

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Before the Beijing Games, Phelps said he was chowing down on an insane 12,000 calories a day, or 4,000 calories per meal. Eat, sleep and swim. That’s all I can do. Remarkably, he thrived on the regimen, scoring an all-time record of eight gold medals. That achievement topped his already insanely impressive six golds and two bronzes from 2004.

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By 2012 though, his meal plan had calmed down a bit. As you can see in the graphic below, he’d still consume a ton of calories, that dinner was often two plate loads but he’d still drastically cut back from that 2008 peak. And on this diet, he still took home a crazy amount of medals: four golds, two silvers, a feat that made him the most decorated Olympian ever.
In a sense, Phelps’ insane diet has never been all that surprising, since swimmers burn crazy numbers of calories as they log hour after hour in the pool. In 2008, he recently explained he was training at least five hours a day, six days a week.

What Phelps is eating now in 2016?

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