Hillary Clinton From Bikini to Niqab by Street Artist Lushux


One of the front runners for the 2016 us president elections along with Donald trump is Ex- President Bill Clinton’s beloved wife and American politician and democratic party nominee Hillary Clinton has been in news on-lately for many reasons. Because of which, along with Donald trump, Hillary has been a sizzling subject for many of netizens and artists around the globe.

One such street artist from Melbourne Lushux who is infamous for his celebrity mocking murals drew a Hillary Clinton mural over a town wall, it was a low cut bikini image of Hillary Clinton, the art did garner passerby’s attention, but unexpectedly it offended their local city council, which ordered the immediate removal of the revealing art.

Instead of removing his art, lushux came out with an creative idea and he redrew it thus replacing the provocative bikini with a far less revealing Niqab or Burkha-(An attire worn by women in some of the Muslim countries which cover full body) thereby passing out a strong message to such conservative people.

Lushux in the past had a dig at Donald Trump, Melania Trump and Taylor Swift too.

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mural-hillary-clinton-graffiti-paint-over-niqab-melbourne-lushsux-images (3)


mural-hillary-clinton-graffiti-paint-over-niqab-melbourne-lushsux-images (2)

Video Courtesy :Sleep Walker