JUNK FOOD : Next time think twice before you buy one.


Junk food has always been a big concern for every nation, but despite its health hazards its become a part of daily regime which cannot be avoided. Junk food has been known for a quick alternative to their healthy counterparts for curbing hunger, but at a same time considered by health practitioner’s as a food with dense calories and poor nutrients. In recent times nearly 70 percent of the world population consuming these food items has increased dramatically. Resultant of which has been a sharp rise in numerous chronic illness and epidemics like High Sodium levels, Nutrient Deficiencies, Depression, Diabetes, Obesity, and Diabetes.

Today we present to you an alarming and shocking infographic on the real face of Junk food. Hope this opens your eyes and pushes you to take an immediate action against your diet and food habits

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Image courtesy: SAVISTO