Shocking CONSPIRACY THEORIES about BARACK OBAMA and Malaysian Airlines


Right Since the time Adam and Eve set their foot in the Garden of Eden, conspiracy theories have prevailed since back then. The reason why the serpent deceived Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, has long been a subject of many conspiracy theorists around the world. We as human love everything related to conspiracy theories, despite knowing that nearly half of them are just hype and garbage yet we are constantly paranoid about them.

The conspiracy theories are about the truth which are more freighting than what the world has known, here nobody is in control. Hidden behind the darkest of the secrets lie many of the famous incidents from history. Which these theorist try to unveil to the world with their own facts and findings.

Presenting some of the much talk about conspiracy theories that the world’s been too eager to read about.

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THE MOON LANDINGNASA file image shows Buzz Aldrin on the moon next to the Lunar Module Eagle...This NASA file image shows Apollo 11 U.S. astronaut Buzz Aldrin standing on the Moon, next to the Lunar Module "Eagle" (R), July 20, 1969. Apollo 11 was launched forty years ago today on July 16, 1969, and carried astronauts Neil Armstrong, who was the Mission Commander and the first man to step on the Moon, Aldrin, who was the Lunar Module Pilot, and Michael Collins, who was the Command Module pilot. Armstrong took this photograph. REUTERS/Neil Armstrong-NASA/Handout (UNITED STATES ANNIVERSARY SCI TECH IMAGES OF THE DAY) FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNSThe Americans never set foot on the moon in 1969, according to some. The images of the lunar mission were actually filmed on Earth – maybe in a Hollywood studio? – in order to win the space race against the Soviets. Are they now preparing a new conspiracy theory to deal with future missions to Mars?


THE EBOLA WEAPONconspiracy-theories-world-history-famous-people-shocking-images (8)
According to some, the last Ebola epidemic was actually caused by the accidental launching of a biological weapon… Military researchers have even developed an even more deadly virus than Ebola! Conspiracy theorists accuse the American government of stirring up fear to try to impose a sort of medical tyranny.


BIN LADEN LIVESconspiracy-theories-world-history-famous-people-shocking-images (4)
This conspiracy theory is based on the fact that there are no images of Osama bin Laden’s body. Might the American government have lied to improve their public image? Others accuse the American government of having killed bin Laden a long time ago and keeping him frozen. Can’t they just agree?
conspiracy-theories-world-history-famous-people-shocking-images (1) HIV was actually created by none other than the US Department of Defense in order to make the pharmaceutical industry wealthier and to reduce the global population, according to conspiracy theorists. Others accuse the WHO of creating the virus in 1974. Some even believe that HIV/AIDS is caused by the very drugs that are meant to treat it.


conspiracy-theories-world-history-famous-people-shocking-images (11) Conspiracy theorists had a field day with the assassination of the American president John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas, in November 1963. The president’s mistress, American right-wing extremists, oil executives, the Chicago mafia, the KGB or Fidel Castro all made perfect culprits. Actually… what about you? What’s your alibi for 22 November 1963?


9/11conspiracy-theories-world-history-famous-people-shocking-images (10)
George W. Bush’s government knew all about the attacks that struck the US on 11 September 2001, but did nothing to stop them, according to the theory. Some even accuse the US of having organized the attacks themselves, in order to subsequently invade Afghanistan and Iraq.