Picture’s worth million likes: Gerardo Garmendia Photography


Cancer as we known can have severe health consequences, and is considered a leading cause of death among the world. Although timely diagnosis can cut down the mortality rate to a greater extent but the treatments and the therapies involved are like a showdown to hell for the cancer patients. Fighting cancer can take a toll over everything be it body, mind or soul. It’s considered as the darkest phase that anyone can go through and only the ones with courage and determination to come out strong.

A 17 year old girl Andrea Sierra Salazar is a living example of the courage and determination that everyone need to posses. At such an small age, she was diagnosed with stage 2 nodular sclerosis Hodgkin lymphoma, which required chemotherapy and other treatment to cure her. The result of which were complete hair loss which led to a serious low confidence in the mind of Andrea, who was back then a bubbly and a girl with high moral boosting confidence. Andrea’s mother who couldn’t bear her daughters mental state approached a number of modelling agencies in order to boost her morale and confidence back.

Gerardo Garmendia a photographer by profession was immensely touched by the mothers request and hence decided to help her in the best way he could. He did a photo shoot of Andrea and posted them on various social media platforms, the reaction of people was so instant,amazing and positive that the pictures, drew about 200k+ likes on twitter which instantly bought smile back on Andrea’s face.

“This journey has taught me to love and accept myself regardless of the way I look,” wrote Andrea Sierra Salazaron Facebook. “The hair on someone’s head doesn’t define who they are. All girls are princesses, and today I feel beautiful inside and out.”

image courtesy : Gerardo Garmendia

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