OMG How could Usain Bolt’s Cheat a Girl Friend like Kasi Bennett.


The fastest man on the earth has just fallen flat on face, recent viral images being circulated on the internet of Usain Bolt making out with one of the young widow of dreaded slain gangster Douglas Donato Pereira. As the picture went viral so did the news of Usain Bolts mysterious girlfriend, the relationship which was kept under secret for long.

Meet Kasi Bennett girlfriend since past 2 years of the world record holder, Rio Olympic gold medalist and the fastest man on earth Usain Bolt, Kasi flaunts a voluptuous body and curves which can put even Kim Kardashian to shame. Jamaican born Kasi is 28 years old with LLB and MBM degree under her belt, having quite a huge fan following on social media. With about 104k follower’s on Instagram, Kasi has been the talk of the town for her relationship with her Usain bolt and her amazing body. She was recently seen supporting and cheering up Usain bolt in the Rio Olympics via her tweets.

Usain-Bolt-girl-friend-Kasi-Bennett-instagram-images (2)

Just looking at Kasi Bennett pictures one would definitely be puzzled as to what made Usain Bolt cheat on this sexy bombshell.

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Usain-Bolt-girl-friend-Kasi-Bennett-instagram-images (2)

Usain-Bolt-girl-friend-Kasi-Bennett-instagram-images (1)

Usain-Bolt-girl-friend-Kasi-Bennett-instagram-images (3)Usain-Bolt-girl-friend-Kasi-Bennett-instagram-images (4)Usain-Bolt-girl-friend-Kasi-Bennett-instagram-images (5)Usain-Bolt-girl-friend-Kasi-Bennett-instagram-images (7)Usain-Bolt-girl-friend-Kasi-Bennett-instagram-images (6)