The Beauty of Takeo Doman Illustration Art


Osaka born Japanese artist Takeo Doman is one of a kind artist that the world has ever known in recent times. With a clever use of vibrant colors into his art along with a mix of modern art, brave illustrations and vintage designs has made Takeo Doman an internationally recognized artist today.

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F’cking Beautiful Takeo-Doman-illustration-art-fckin- beautiful

And you’ll think you’re happyHe'll keep you in a jar And you'll think you're happy

Have butterflies in one’s stomachTakeo-Doman-illustration-art-have-butterflies-in-one's-stomach

Have butterflies in one’s stomachTakeo-Doman-illustration-art-have-butterflies-in-one's-stomach(1)

Complementary colorTakeo-Doman-illustration-art-complementary-color