Half Cooked Half Truth: Reality behind the Instagram Images by Wrenkitchens.com


Photography is a language that’s understood worldwide, its a feeling and emotions that has been captured on a film into the memories forever. But the advancement in technology has altered the way photographs tell you the stories. With the image editing techniques and tools the photography is now more altered than real. Sometime the photographs make you believe in something that not real or is only half true.

The same is what being practiced by quite a few people on social media platforms, dramatically editing and changing the actual environment, thus enhancing the actual to appear more real and appealing. Wren Kitchens a British designer company who are into the kitchen manufacturing thought of bringing the actual truth behind some of the perfectly clicked photographs posted on Instagram by food bloggers by asking them to submit their perfectly pixelated images and the background. They named the campaign A Kitchen Lived In: Perception vs Reality.

Presenting Wren kitchens collection highlighting the power of instagram filters.

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