The Cute and Cuddly Sleeping Cosplayer baby: Laura Izumikawa Photography


A sleeping child is a big sigh of relief for all parent’s. Putting a child to sleep would be one of the most challenging tasks for any parent. Gazing at a sleeping child is not less than admiring an angel. They look so cute, extra sweet and irresistible while sleeping and when they smile, it’s the very moment that takes parents heart away. Once we grow up we lack the sleep what a baby possesses and hence “sleep like a baby” quote came into existence.

Southern Californian lifestyle photographer and a proud mother of Joey Marie Choi, Laura Izumikawa has come out with the most captivating and beautiful photographs of her baby Joey sleeping moments. She has clicked Joey while on sleep cos-playing different characters like chef, Pikachu, diver, dragon ball z character and lots other. The pictures came out so well that they became an instant online hit. Laura expect’s every parent to have a fun with their kids to strengthen the bond between parents and children. Hope Laura Izumikawa’s cute photography inspire’s you as a parent.

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Joey-Marie-Choi-cosplay-infant-sleeping-lauraiz-Laura-Izumikawa-photography (1)Joey-Marie-Choi-cosplay-infant-sleeping-lauraiz-Laura-Izumikawa-photography (4)Joey-Marie-Choi-cosplay-infant-sleeping-lauraiz-Laura-Izumikawa-photography (5)Joey-Marie-Choi-cosplay-infant-sleeping-lauraiz-Laura-Izumikawa-photography (2)Joey-Marie-Choi-cosplay-infant-sleeping-lauraiz-Laura-Izumikawa-photography (3)