Celebrities Answering Nature’s Call: By CRISTINA GUGGERI AKA KRYDY


We all might have seen celebrities, World leaders and popular figures from around the globe, sometimes Holidaying, dancing, eating, travelling, enjoying, fighting, accusing one another, smiling, frowning. Every bit of their public life is followed by millions of people, news media agencies, and internet around the world. Seldom we would have heard or seen the things about their private live’s, it’s because their private lives are kept secret from the world. But here and there some day or other when a small chunk of their private live’s no matter good or bad come’s out in the open it creates a sensation and instantly becomes a hot seller.

CRISTINA GUGGERI, aka KRYDY, an Italian based digital artist in collaboration with AREASHOOT.net has come out with an unusual and a fired up digitally created photo series showcasing the WORLD renowned Sportsmen, Singers and leaders like Current contender for US presidency election, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ex-president Barack Obama, Sport Heroes like Serena Williams, Valentino Rossi, Cristiano Ronaldo, singer Justin Bieber, Adele, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and many more in their most secretive and extremely private possessions or moments. I.e “Answering natures call.” Although the series is Provocative but became an instant hit online and recently CRISTINA GUGGERI book “THE DAILY DUTY” was published which got an enormous appreciation too.

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Source: https://krydy.wordpress.com/

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