The World Invaded : Photo invasion by Lucas Levitan


Lucas Levitan is a Brazilian multimedia artist based in London. He searches for inspiration in everyday life and turn ordinary objects and scenes into intriguing images that sometimes take shape as illustration, sculptures, installations, paintings or films. Levitan sees the world with a little twist on reality. And by de-contextualizing them, he changes the way they are perceived and engage the audience in a unexpected and playful way.

Photo Invasion is Lucas Levitan Instagram project where he hunt’s for images and add’s some illustrative touch. everyday a new Character and a new story.

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Fb : @lucaslevitan    And Instagram : lucaslevitan

Lucas-Levitan-Photo-Invasion-Instagram-images (5)Lucas-Levitan-Photo-Invasion-Instagram-images (1)Lucas-Levitan-Photo-Invasion-Instagram-images (2)Lucas-Levitan-Photo-Invasion-Instagram-images (3)Lucas-Levitan-Photo-Invasion-Instagram-images (4)