Brilliant Vibrant Digital Artwork by Sylvia Ritter


Digital paint artist from Germany Sylvia Ritter has come up with a brilliant piece of artwork which has garnered a lot of attention from art lovers all around the world. Sylvia Ritter, who is a multidisciplinary artist, including illustration art, concept art and a game developer has come a long journey in the field of art.Starting from fine-line drawings to vector art, pencil drawings, sculpting, paper-cuts, lino-cuts, fabric design, oil/acrylic paintings, fabric design, typography until she finally settled on digital painting which is now her preferred medium.

Sylvia Ritter has won a lot of accolades and awards for her amazing and inspiring artwork.


“Donkey – Kalaratri’s Vahana” won a Merit Award (Noncommercial), Hiii Illustration Competition 2015, April 2016

Honorable Mention: 3×3 Illustration Annual No.13: Bubble Bunny Underworld, .6.2016

deviantArt Daily Deviation for “Griffin – Album Artwork”, February 12, 2016

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