I Have a Dream : Fantasy World of Kids by Kelly Tan aka lovepaperplane


Dreams are extremely important, no one can achieve their dreams unless they imagine them deep insideDreams are the one which decide your destiny, the one who follows their dreams sooner or later finds success and are content with whatever they have achieved. We as children imagine and dream a lot about the fantasy world through our eyes, but as we grow up, we stop dreaming and start living in the reality and that’s what is the biggest hurdle for our growth as an individual. Parents try to force feed their dreams on their kids and crush the little one’s budding imaginations without realizing the after effects.

We as a parent shouldn’t create footprints for our growing children to follow instead we should let them take the path next to and go to farther than we could have ever dream’t of.

A mother, a self taught photographer and a hobby artist Kelly Tan from Malaysia is somewhat like a dream-catcher, Kelly has beautifully captured and illustrated her little daughters fantasy world in a series of photographs “I Have a dream. Her inspiring and creative, imaginative artwork has wooed a lot of parents online. All the photographs have been taken from Kelly Tan’s iPhone and iPad and edited via IOS mobile apps.

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