He chose Camera over Guns to shoot People: Donato DI Camillo Photography


A prison as imagined by many is not only meant for “punishment’s” but hold’s a main objective of safeguarding innocent people from incorrigible criminals. It’s a necessity sometime’s to keep the world clean and safe for living. No one goes to prison by choice but rather by his or her actions which are regretted later and such people are given another opportunity to learn from their past and be a better human being on release.

Not all who walk out of prison are to be scared off, prison many of times bring back the lost soul in convicts. One such example is a convict turned photographer Donato DI Camillo from USA. Arrested and imprisoned in 2006 for some federal charges Donato imprisonment changed his life completely. He channeled his focus and energy in learning the art of photography through books. Later, after release a Bruce Gilden and William Klein work that inspired him in taking up this art seriously.

There was no looking back after a moral boosting word by whom he encountered accidentally while shooting who suggested Donato DI Camillo in being himself and capturing whatever impressed him.

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