‘I Wish My Teacher Knew’ What a Child Wants To Say by Kyle Schwartz


Kyle Schwartz is a teacher who teaches third grade at Doull Elementary in Denver. Last year Kyle had an idea to increase the bond between her and the children whom she was teaching, so she came up with the assignment called ‘I Wish My Teacher Knew’. The children simply needed to write what they wanted to tell their teacher which they were afraid to do. The results were heartbreaking as one of her students didn’t have pencils to do their homework with. Another had nobody to play with. One had a mom who got sick a lot and another had a mom who wasn’t even around to sign their reading log.

Her findings were shared widely on the internet and the Twitter hashtag “#iwishmyteacherknew” went viral as other teachers followed suit and asked their students the same question before sharing the results with Kyle. Now Ms. Kyle Schwartz has published a book titled “I Wish My Teacher Knew: How One Question Can Change Everything For Our Kids,” and you can find some examples of the notes that inspired her in the heartbreaking list below.

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