Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama HANDSHAKE Trolled


Few days back we showcased the hilarious Obama and Hillary Hugging at Democratic National Convention Troll from Photoshop user’s all around the world. The post went viral instantly. This time we bring you another Photoshop trolling of OBAMA but this time instead of Hillary its with Obama deadliest rival “Putin”

The G20 summit, which was held for the 1st time in china ended recently, i.e. on Sept 5, was the perfect podium for world leaders to gather and interact for the better economic reforms and future planning. All top leaders made their presence felt including Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi, Xi Jinping, Donald Tusk and many more. It was considered as the usual summit until the images of two powerful leaders popped in the media. It was a grinning hand shake between PUTIN and OBAMA that stole the limelight of the event. As soon as the picture surfaced on the internet, Photoshop user around the world grabbed the opportunity go to showcase the best of their skills and make us laugh.

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