The beauty of Recycling: Sculptures by Kate Kato aka kasasagidesign

The Critical need of this hour, and the only hope for humanity and earth survival is to refuse, reuse & recycle. Many steps have been taken by the government all around the world to promote recycling of waste materials, but its the responsibility of each and every human being to support and practice this in their daily life.

UK based artist, designer, crafter and a collector Kate Kato is a good example of one person’s effort in making a huge difference in a inspiring way. Being a amid nature lover Kate Kato has always been fascinated by plants and insects around her. Using recycled material she tries to capture the intricate detail and sublime beauty in the nature. Her favorite material include Paper, fabric, wool, wire out of which she creates amazing and surreal detailed sculptures of plants & insects.

Kate Kato work is available on Shop page: ETSY , Website:  kasasagidesign, Social media : Instagram , Facebook 

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