The Hawk who fell prey to Photoshop Trolls

There’s hardly anything that could surpass the watchful eyes of army of photoshopper’s around the world. They can find humor in absolutely anything. It’s said that there are 2 sides to everything i.e “Truth” or  “Lie”, but with photoshoppers there’s a 3rd side “Troll


Little did Clint Ralph an ace animal enthusiast photographer knew that the picture he clicked while his visit to Giant’s Castle in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa would become viral in a split of seconds. Clint had clicked a snap of a Hawk, the picture came out to be extraordinary highlighting the attitude of the hawk mixed with a tinge of humor. Clint posted the image online, and what followed was a storm of Photoshop trolls showcasing the hawk in super special avatars.

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