Wolverine : Logan – Bye Bye Hugh Jackman


Here it is the final chapter of Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman, as this will be his last role that he will be playing as the Wolverine (Logan). Every one who is a comic book fan has already heard or watched the Wolverine – Logan trailer but for those people out there who missed out on this epic trailer here is a sneak peek.

As we can see the trailer has a few Easter eggs. Here we are going to break down the trailer to the in depth secrets as to find about what the trailer is about. Warning Spoiler Alert!

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1. The Song played in the background called Hurt : Artist – Johnny Cash, Album –  American IV: The Man Comes Around, was released in 2002 and was nominated for MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year, Best Direction, Best Male Video, Best Editing and Best Art Direction. As the song relates to depression and pain which seems to be the theme of the trailer.


2. Wolverine : The Old Man Logan – As the name suggest the movie is inspired by comic Old Man Logan which is a violent story that involves the Hulk and Captain America. But this wont be the same story as the comic it will be more about emotionally grounded story. Some of the features will be taken from the comic book as the old and tiered Logan that dose not care about the world anymore and wants to live his life alone and secluded.old-maan


3. “Logan… What Did You Do?” in this trailer we can see the in Logan’s old age has taken a toll on his body. His hands have started shaking like old men and have scars all over his body which shows us that he has lost regenerative ability. Further more we hear the voice of Patrick Stewart playing Charles Xavier saying “Logan… What Did You Do?” suggesting that even he is surprised to see wolverine aged to an old man.wolverine-old


4. “Mutants… They’re Gone Now” this scene takes in the future year 2024 where all of his fellow mutants are dead. It looks like its going to be a standalone movie where tries to survive on his own alone. As seen in the trailer we can see two burial scenes and this might be early in the movie to paint a clear picture that all the other X-men are Dead.mutants-are-all-gone-now