Contemporary Surrealist Oil Paintings by Joel Rea

Joel Rea is an artist was born in 1983, lives and works in Queensland, Australia who creates hyper realistic oil paintings. Joel Rea celebrates the power of nature and manages to make us feel ever-so small. He uses oil on canvas and very reach color shades to make these oil paintings outstanding. His painting includes portrays massive ocean waves, powerful winds and falling rocks. Within those brutal natural landscapes he places lonely men in suits, and sometimes tigers with the goal of making us feel insignificant against the elemental forces.

Joel graduated from Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2003. He has exhibited his work in Australia and the United States of America and has been acclaimed for his oil paintings in many prestigious art awards throughout Australia.

Look at these realistic oil paintings created by Joel Rea. You can also follow him on Instagram page @joelrea.

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