More shocking moves can be expected by the Prime Minister “Narendra Modi”


According to the sources, it is important to note that “Prime Minister” Narendra Modi’s move always have a Practical and also have a political angle. While no doubt he does things that are good for the country, he also keeps in mind that doing more such moves give him more POWER – so with each move he also figures out a way to maintain or increase political power.

There are a few drastic shocking moves that fall in the category of being path breaking, being good for the country and being good for BJP Party & Narendra Modi. These could be the shocking moves listed below:

  1. Make voting compulsory or mandatory. This makes sure that the “lazy” middle & High class goes out and votes – and may be most of them would vote for BJP or choose a jail term 😉
  2. Bring Uniform Civil Code – proposal to replace the personal laws based on the scriptures and customs of each major religious community in India with a common set governing every citizen. If implemented, this would pitch Muslim women’s against Muslim men. Even if 15% of Muslim women’s start supporting BJP, it increases BJP’s votes by 10% and reduces those of its oppositions by an equal amount. Further, Uniform Civil Code is unlikely to reduce votes anywhere else.
  3. Go after political rivals. BJP needs the regional parties to fight between themselves as otherwise a Bihar like result may come up. However, as BJP’s vote-share increases, it may try to eliminate some of the regional parties. Prime candidates are the SP, BSP, NCP and the Shiv Sena.
  4. Increase the pressure on China. With the newly elected President of United States – Donald Trump, a 4-Way coalition between US, Russia, Japan and India is very possible against China, North Korea and Pakistan. US would be happy to “cede” give up (power or territory) middle east to Russia just to get rid of the mess they have created there. With China thoroughly encircled, India would turn up pressure on China to isolate Pakistan.