Who accomplished more as “Prime Minister” – Manmohan Singh or Narendra Modi?


Dr. Manmohan Singh’s biggest contribution to India as a Finance Minister came in the early 90’s. He is ‘THE ONE’ responsible for opening up Indian economy to the world. Its a fact that, during that time he faced a lot of criticism. Many Indian industries like Limca, Ambassador etc either got shut-down or were taken over by Foreign Companies. But that initial opening up of the economy is what made India ‘competitive’ World-wide. Companies like ‘Infosys’ and ‘Wipro’ wouldn’t be doing business abroad, if it were not for the policies of ‘Narasimha Rao’ and ‘Manmohan Singh’ (in the early 90’s).  Non Resident Indian’s – NRIs of today have been thanking Dr. Manmohan Singh for getting the Abroad opportunities. Without his hardship, it wouldn’t have happened. Very few people are aware of this facts.


The Smart and Honest Dr. Manmohan Singh could had been the greatest ‘Prime Minister’ if it were not for the meddling and corrupt ‘Sonia Gandhi’ and family. As a known fact, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are responsible for the collapse of Congress in India. Its time that supporters of Congress recognize that and kick them out. The longer Rahul Gandhi (the clown) leads Congress, the faster Congress would collapse with no recovery.

Gujarat under PM ‘Narendra Modi’ had a GDP growth rate vastly outpaced rest of India. “With just 5% of India’s population and 6% of its land mass, it accounted for 7.6% of its GDP, almost a tenth of its workforce, and 22% of its exports.” as per the Gujarat Model.


The Godhra riots is the biggest set back for Narendra Modi. The supreme court cleared him of involvement but most people are still not convinced.  Those riots will probably haunt him for the rest of his term. But if he can raise India’s GDP growth rate to 13% like he had done in Gujarat and strictly stay away from religion based politics, he has the potential of being a great ‘Prime Minister’.  Lets say that even more for the reason that India has millions of starving kids.  With all the talk of religious intolerance in India, no one seems to remember those little lives. It’s pity but today people even seem to be willing to cause damage to the Indian economy if that helps them get rid of PM ‘Narendra Modi’. The fact that they put their religious needs before the needs of those starving kids, is sad beyond what words can describe.  What many people don’t seem to realize is that the ‘Muslims’ are the least privileged group in India. Hindus on an average being slightly richer  than the ‘Muslims’. ‘Sikhs’ and ‘Christians’ are the richest. Muslims Are India’s Poorest And Worst Educated Religious Group. Pulling kids out of poverty and educating them, benefits the Muslim community more than any other group. A good strong growth in economy is the only hope for all those underprivileged kids. Pulling them out of poverty and giving them a fair chance of a happy future would be an extra ordinary achievement.

At the same time, the way Indians have polarized under Narendra Modi is a real concern. We are not a country without our unity. We all come from the same land and have all contributed towards advancing our civilization for thousands of years. All our past achievements and our contributions towards the progress of mankind, was a collective effort of all of us. Believing in a separate God or not believing at all should not make us forget that. Even more importantly the world is moving towards a global world where everyone needs to learn to get along and cooperate, with people different from themselves. If we can’t even get along with other Indians, where will we stand in this global world? As long as Narendra Modi can continuously remind Indians of that and strictly focus on the economy, I think he has a fair chance of being one of the greatest ‘Prime Ministers of India’.