Paleontologist Lida Xing Discovers The First Feathered Tail Of Dinosaurs


Paleontologists have just discovered the first tail of dinosaur preserved in amber, and it is covered with feathers! Whether it’s the toys of our childhood or movies like Jurassic Park, our image of dinosaurs has been strongly inked, and it will take time for our representation of dinosaurs to change!

This dinosaur tail preserved in amber was discovered by the paleontologist Lida Xing in Burma, suggest that the tail came from the Cretaceous period about 99 million years ago. This piece of amber contains a tail piece of 3.5 centimeters, containing 8 vertebrae, which undoubtedly belonged to a young Coelurosaurus. Here are a few images of the fossilized dinosaur tail, you can check out more information on National Georgraphic.

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