Interesting Artwork by Artist Hayk Matsakyan


Hayk Matsakyan, has created amazing masterpieces with his immense creativity. Born in 1981 in the City of Vanadzor, Armenia. Hayk Matsakyan, studied and graduated from the School of Fine Arts of S. Aghajanyan in 1996. Subsequent to that he attended classes of drawing and painting in St. Petersburg, Russia, refining his own visual and conceptual vocabulary.

Hayk Matsakyan, has created many amazing masterpieces, but what stands out are his artworks titled “The Power of Touch“, “The Time” & “The Pride“. Each of his magnificent artwork, has a deep meaning. Hayk Matsakyan, says “Most of my artworks are focused on transformation of human nature through my own fantasy and depicted as imaginary characters and objects.”. Enjoy the magnificent artworks and Happy Holidays.

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