Artist Martin Davey Creates Visual Work Of Alternate Worlds


Artist Martin Davey creates visual work in a number of styles and media. On this site one can see Martin’s illustration work, which is digitally painted in a traditional methods in Photoshop.

The subjects range from imaginative cartoon and animal subjects, whimsical scenes and horror and sci-fi. To create these works a graphic drawing tablet is used throughout the painting of these images, starting from a blank, electronic canvas, to drawing the subject to finally applying color and ‘painting’ the drawing, all on a computer. But Martin does not only use computers and software for his artwork, for in addition he paints directly on to a canvas, using traditional oil or acrylic paints.

Martin likes all of his artwork and paintings to be as accessible as possible to a wide audience. Detail and color are important, combined with a simple visual message for any one to enjoy.

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