Monthly Archives: April 2017

7 Deadly Cat Sins illustrated by artist Maria Tiurina

A London-based illustrator and artist Marija Tiurina, portraits beautiful and deadly art. Using blend of multiple colors and paint Marija creates unique style of...

Ukrainian artist Maria Pogorelova Gives Life To Food And Objects

A selection of the amazingĀ felt sculptures by the Ukrainian artistĀ Maria Pogorelova, who gives life to food and objects by imagining characters that are both...

Spellbind Painting & Drawing by Marta Nael

Marta Nael is a self thought digital and traditional artist from Barcelona, Spain, who creates extraordinary drawing and painting. Marta paints love and passion...

Magnificent Blue Ballpoint Pen drawing by Anthony Caseiro

Anthony Caseiro is a very talented artist based in Madrid, Spain who creates incredible blue ballpoint Pen drawing on paper. Anthony Caseiro's mastery of...

Breathtaking images of flowers & birds made up of nude models by Cecelia Webber

Cecelia Webber is a very talented photographer residing in los angeles who creates incredibly beautiful images of flowers, animals, birds and insects. These amazing...

Seona Mason Creates Figurative Sculptures From Vinyl Records.

Seona Mason is a contemporary mixed media artist, residing in Dunbar, Scotland, who creates amazing figurative sculpture from using vinyl records. Seona specializing in...

This is how my 2017 is going

This is how my 2017 is going. LOL. How is your 2017 going? %VIDEO2017%  

How to cut the Birthday Cake – Funny Video

How to cut the Birthday Cake - Funny Video. Enjoy %VIDEOcake%

Power of Winds – Funny Video

Power of Ohio Winds.. Chill the baby girl was SAFE. Enjoy. %VIDEOwinds%

First Time Golfer – Funny Video

This is what happens when you go golfing for the first time. Enjoy. %VIDEOgolfing%