Digital Drawings Capture the Essence of True Love by Lynn Choi.


People tend to think that love can only be shown with grand and extraordinary gestures that the world can see. Meet Auckland based Korean born artist Lynn Choi, who aware the fact, ‘True’ love exists in the small and seemingly mundane, yet intimate moments shared between two hearts and captures these endearing moments of couples in love through her charming digital drawings.

Artist Lynn Choi uses cozy colors to create adorable drawings that illustrate the many relatable and love-up experience of a modern relationship. The illustrator easily captures the shared everyday experiences of couples in love. Having just graduated from animation school, Choi aims to “work HARDER to warm your hearts with more illustrations next year.

Take a look at these sweet love illustrations created by artist Lynn Choi . You can also check out his more images on Instagram page @duck_d_lynn.