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This is how my 2017 is going

This is how my 2017 is going. LOL. How is your 2017 going? %VIDEO2017%  

How to cut the Birthday Cake – Funny Video

How to cut the Birthday Cake - Funny Video. Enjoy %VIDEOcake%

Power of Winds – Funny Video

Power of Ohio Winds.. Chill the baby girl was SAFE. Enjoy. %VIDEOwinds%

First Time Golfer – Funny Video

This is what happens when you go golfing for the first time. Enjoy. %VIDEOgolfing%

Funny Swimming Lesson Video

Learn Quick Swimming lessons with the below Video. Enjoy. %VIDEOswimminglesson%

Fun Unlimited. Humour at its best.

In our daily monotonous/boring life, we need a change and that change is definitely humour. So here we take an initiative to bring that...

Ingenious Bathroom Sign Designs Around the World

There are some moments in life where time seems to have stopped. Like, the queue for the bar’s bathroom for example. But some have made...

Hilarious images that will make you Laugh.

Ever wondered why a logo designer or a slogan specialist take a load of money. It is to make sure that no one mistakes...

Women & Mice : Deadly Combo

Mickey Mouse is the most loved mouse by everyone around the world, but when it comes to real mouse why do people run helter-skelter and...